Notes and Notices

Sept. 10, 2022

You have an abundance of garden produce? We’ll take it! We also accept donations of wildfowl; you can text* Laurie for details about that.

* Please do not phone; text Laurie and she will respond to make arrangements: (306) 338-8702

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August 2022: Last month 5 families required emergency food hampers to feed their children. Thank you again to our donors and volunteers who make it possible for us to help.

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April 2022 – 40 families visit the food bank and take home grocery hampers: 66 adults and 62 children.

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Dec. 4, 2021: There’s nothing like starting a lifetime of charitable giving while you are still young:

food bank donation

Thank you so much, Drew, for your generous donation!


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Nov. 12, 2021

It’s that time again!

Christmas isn’t far away and you can now sign up for a Christmas hampers if you need one.

You have until Nov. 30 to add your name to the list of recipients. Please phone or text one of the following volunteers:

Michelle  306-338-7989

Rachel  306-338-7362

Laurie 306-338-8702

You will need to supply your Saskatchewan Health card number, full date of birth, mailing address, and if a gift is needed for a child, tell us whether the child is a boy or girl.

Remember the deadline: Nov. 30.

Also let us know if you are aware of someone who may need a little extra help with a food hamper.

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Food Bank shelvesLook what you did!

The Wadena /Foam Lake RCMP held their Cram the Cruiser! event March 26 in the Wadena Co-op parking lot and collected 1163 pounds of your donations. Volunteers April Armbruster and Constable Patrick Landa greeted all comers, and food bank members (after a safe length of time and with sanitation precautions, of course, due to the times we are in) sorted and shelved.   


March 18, 2021
Wadena/Foam Lake RCMP need your help to Fill the Cruiser! From 2 to 6 on Friday afternoon, March 26, the RCMP will be in the Wadena Co-op parking lot to collect donations for the food bank. Not downtown that afternoon? Drop your donation off in the bin inside the food store all week March 22-26 or at the Wadena RCMP detachment.


Dec.6, 2020

The Red Apple store in Wadena has done it again, collecting gifts for the Wadena Food Bank to distribute to families that need a helping hand this Christmas. Staff members Van Luu and Colleen Zazula show off the generosity of local donors:


It’s a Crossroads Country Christmas! Food bank volunteer Rachel Hilbig, on the left, seen here with the credit union’s Syanne Hilbig, accepted a $500 donation from Crossroads Credit Union in Wadena:


Nov. 2, 2020

The Wadena Food Bank has winter clothing (jackets, toques & scarves) available for distribution.

Please contact Yvonne at 306-338-7511 or any member of the Wadena
Food Bank or message us through our Facebook page if you are interested.


October 13, 2020 – The Red Apple in Wadena has been a huge supporter of the Wadena Food Bank since Day One. Rachel Hilbig, left, picked up donations from the store’s most recent food drive. We’d like to thank store manager Colleen Zazula, right, and her staff for their efforts, and extend that same gratitude to the store’s customers for their generosity. We couldn’t do it without you!


August 22, 2020

The next food-distribution night is this coming Thursday. Calling ahead is still required. Please see the contact numbers on this page.

The Knights of Columbus recently made a donation of two boxes of winter jackets for kids, and $750! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mitchell makes the delivery!


May 24, 2020: Garage filling up? Don’t want to wait in line? Drop off your refundable containers in the food bank donation cart at SARCAN.
From the Wadena News:
SARCAN is preparing to resume
its recycling operations. Beginning June
1, commercial and bulk customers will
be able to bring in their recycling by
appointment only. SARCAN will open to
the general public on June 8.


April 13, 2020

Please note the following change to regular service at the Wadena Food Bank:

Food distribution nights remain the same for now, BUT the depot will not open unless arrangements have been made in advance. You MUST call ahead to either 338-8702 or 338-7989 no later than Tuesday the 21st for pickup on Thursday the 23rd of April. For more information, please call either of those numbers. Thank you for your cooperation during this unusual time.


April 6, 2020

Distribution nights this month are Thursdays the 9th and 23rd.

Please practise social distancing as you wait outside for your food hamper to be passed out the door.


March 18, 2020

Until further notice, on distribution nights we ask you to wait outside the building and we’ll set the bags on a table outside the door.

Please practise social-distancing while you wait.


March 12, 2020

We have run out of bags and boxes. Please bring your own on distribution nights, or come prepared to purchase reusable grocery bags for $1 each.


Feb. 4, 2020



Jan. 20, 2020

Remember to take your own grocery bags to the Wadena Co-op when doing your shopping. However, should you happen to forget them, 3 of the 5 cents you are charged per plastic bag (since Nov. 2019) is donated to the food bank. We thank the Wadena Co-op for this environmental initiative and for its support of the food bank.

reusable bags 5 cents

ʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭʭChristmas Hamper Sign-up 2019


November 2019 – Local students and businesses have been running food drives to stock our shelves and help fill grocery hampers.

The Wadena Food Bank is grateful to the Archerwill girls volleyball team and coach for their food drive donation, organized by Renee Atymichuk. We thank Quill Lake School and Cropper Motors for their collection and donation of 576 pounds of food and a cheque for $50. The Red Apple store in Wadena held a food drive that netted 450 pounds of groceries, and the Archerwill School along with Cropper Motors donated 259 pounds of food from their drive. Thank you very much for your efforts and to all donors for your generosity. Wadena Composite School collected 304 pounds of groceries for us.

Talk about community spirit!


November 2019 – Children’s new winter coats have been donated again this year to the Wadena Food Bank by the Father Kunka Council Knights of Columbus, Kelvington-Rose Valley. Representing the Knights are Mitchell Staszczak, left, and Greg Chorney, right. Volunteer Alison Halvorson accepted the 24 coats on behalf of the food bank. Photo courtesy of Wadena News. 

food bank coats donation



August 7, 2019 – It’s the time of year when produce is coming out of gardens and if we’re lucky, we have an abundance to share! If this sounds like you, you may be interested to know that the Wadena Food Bank welcomes donations of garden veggies. Please contact us to arrange for pickup or delivery.


July 17, 2019 – Headsup, racecar lovers!

nascar barbecue

That’s in Wadena this Sunday, and the Wadena Food Bank will be there!

Bring your appetite.


June 27, 2019~ Turns out that, after sorting and weighing, we find the Foam Lake students and staff have collected more than 152 pounds of groceries! Thank you for your efforts and to all who donated to the food drive.

Tomorrow we’re having a fundraising smokie sale at the Wadena Co-op between 11 and 1. Come on down! A smokie will cost you $3; add a pop for $1 and that’s a delicious, inexpensive lunch. All proceeds go to the food bank. See you there!


June 16, 2019~

What’s happening at the food bank, you ask?

Last night was a distribution evening at the depot here in Wadena, and we provided grocery hampers to 23 families. The next distribution night will be in two weeks: June 27th.

The Foam Lake high school has done a food drive and collected an estimated 60 pounds of groceries from donors in the area. Foam Lake is one of the communities served by this food bank, and we appreciate the support of the people there. Thank you!

We’re planning a lunchtime barbecue June 28 at the Wadena Co-op. Come down for a smokie! Three bucks.

Thank you very much to those of you who have been donating your refundables via Sarcan in Wadena. Those dimes and quarters add up!


April 28, 2019– Our shelves are low on canned meats this week. Any donation you can add to the bin will help us stock up again. Thank you!


April 15, 2019- If you’re donating a grocery item to the food bank this week and wondering what our shelves need right now, here’s your answer: cereal and tinned meat.

The Wadena Co-op has set up a collection bin for the convenience of shoppers who are helping us fight hunger in our community. The bin is just beyond the checkout counters:

food bank bin

On our most recent distribution night, we (and you!) sent 20 families home with something to put in their kitchen cupboards. Thank you for your generosity. We can’t do it without you!


April 11, 2019– Grocery shopping in Wadena at the Co-op store? You’ll see this shelf just beyond the checkouts. Help us fill our food hampers. Once you have the cashier ring it up, you can add one of these bags to the collection bin right beside it.

hunger bags


March 30, 2019-

Many years back I was asked a question that has stayed with me.

“As a child growing up, were you ever scared you wouldn’t have food to eat?”

My answer was no. I had never even thought about food. It was always provided.

Unfortunately, my childhood normal is not the normal in every house. For many different reasons, food insecurity is a reality for many children in our world.

These reasons are not mine to judge. My heart tells me if our food bank can bring food security to one or more children living with this fear, then we succeeded.

-Michelle, committed Wadena Food Bank volunteer


March 27, 2019– Seniors are particularly vulnerable to hunger. Many are on a fixed income that doesn’t always leave them enough for groceries to the end of the month. Sometimes they need our help. More seniors than ever are visiting food banks.



March 26, 2019- Thank you yet again to all our volunteers! Many of you are already very busy people and yet you somehow manage to pick up, sort and distribute food hampers to those who need a little help right now. When many of us are sitting at home with our feet up, watching TV in the evenings, you’re out doing something for somebody else. We salute you.


March 25, 2019- “No one has ever become poor from giving.” – Anne Frank


March 21, 2019– Giving can be a habit. It is for Sharon D., who reminds herself to buy something for the food bank by writing it on her grocery list. That’s a simple practice we all can imitate. Thanks for the tip, Sharon!


March 20, 2019– Volunteering for the food bank isn’t just about fundraising and sorting grocery donations. The reward comes on distribution nights when you meet the people who come for a food hamper.

“That’s when you really feel the love,” says Laurie, one of the founding members of  Wadena’s food bank. “Out of the 300 families we have helped over the year, very few really want to be there. Only a handful think they deserve receiving food. Most truly appreciate someone caring enough to help.”


March 16, 2019– How about a peek at what’s happening at food banks in other parts of the world? In Glasgow, Scotland, donations are thought to be down because donors themselves are struggling. Click on THIS LINK to watch the short video.


March 15, 2019– “Looking for a Hand Up: A Profile of Food Bank Recipients in Four Ontario Communities,” did a survey of 1,796 food bank recipients.

• More than one-third of food bank recipients experienced frequent problems eating a balanced meal and providing one to their families.

• Almost one-quarter of adults experienced hunger at least a couple of times each week despite the assistance of a food bank.

• Over 80% of parents sacrificed their own food to feed their children.

• Despite the efforts of parents to shield their children from the effects of poverty, almost 40% of recipients reported that their children go hungry at least once per month.

• According to national reports, nearly half of all Canadian food banks are unable to  meet the need in their communities.

Read the full document HERE.


March 15, 2019- MDSI members, accompanied by staff member Linda Sill, have been coming in once a month to pack food hampers for distribution. Linda calls them “the super team.” Other MDSI members have also repackaged sugar and flour for us. Thanks to the MDSI workers for their help, and thanks for the photos, Linda!


March 13, 2019– According to Food Banks Canada, 38% of the food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (e.g. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread).

Also welcomed are canned meats and fish, powdered milk, dried pasta and tinned sauces.

Among the other items needed by food banks are bathroom tissue, diapers and personal hygiene products.


March 11, 2019- “Hunger may be linked in the popular imagination with images of destitution, but the food insecure can include restaurant staff, delivery drivers, cashiers, and janitors. They are our coworkers, our neighbours, our relatives.”

Full article:


March 7, 2019: In 2013, households in the United States that had higher rates of food insecurity than the national average included households with children (20%), especially households with children headed by single women (34%) or single men (23%).See 11 Facts About Food Banks


March 6, 2019: Maybe you don’t have any cash to donate but there are other ways to give. If you’re a gardener, read on!

A Guide to Food Bank Gardening


25 Out of 41 – in a country as rich as Canada?

March 5, 2019– UNICEF ranks the well-being of children in Canada at 25th out of 41 affluent nations. Canada is at the bottom of the rankings for challenges that may seem inconceivable — child health and safety, child poverty, hunger and abuse.


March 2, 2019: Are you thinking of donating, and wondering what we need? Right now the shelves are low on canned beans and we have no tinned meat.

If you can help out with any of these, your donation can be dropped off at Wadena News or at the Co-op food store in Wadena.

Thanks for your generosity!


Feb 2019: SaskEnergy and Share the Warmth grant paid for our clients to receive a ‘Chili Bag’ containing all ingredients to make a hot chili meal once a month from November 2018 to March 2019. This would have been impossible without the grant, which provided more than 3700 servings of chili! Thank you again.


Carleton TrailHere are just two of the students and staff from Carleton Trail College who stuffed 80 grocery hampers at the Wadena Food Bank on Monday, Feb. 25. Thanks for your help!


A video about the need for food banks in Canada:


Did you know that 1.1 million Canadians must visit food banks each month? (according to

Please choose healthy foods when donating groceries to your local food bank:

  • Fruit canned in water or fruit cups with no added sugar
  • Low-sodium vegetable soups
  • No-salt-added canned vegetables
  • Sodium-reduced tomato sauce
  • Whole grain items such as oats, quinoa or brown rice
  • Whole grain cereals and pastas
  • Canned tuna, salmon or sardines
  • Dry or canned no-salt-added chickpeas, lentils and beans
  • Peanut butter or other nut butters
  • Unsalted nuts or soy nuts

See for the full article on donating heart-healthy foods to your food bank.


How many children using food banks in Canada is okay with you?

35.2% of those relying on food banks nationally are children, when they only represent 20.0%* of the population.

Still such a long way to go toward our vision of a Canada where no one goes hungry.

*Source: Statistics Canada Census Profile 2016


In 2018, Wadena’s Sarcan collected more than $600 worth of recyclables for us and we turned those into groceries.

Supporting the Wadena Food Bank is easy and convenient. Just drop off your refundable containers at Wadena’s SARCAN (431 Frontier Trail) Monday to Friday during business hours.